Katie Leigh Smith

I met Naomi for the first time in 2007 when I attended Camp Life with Family Legacy. She was in my group of kids and we had an instant connection. She was a leader among her peers and so funny. She was always our line leader and often helped me with various tasks throughout the day. After Camp Life finished that summer, I began sponsoring her.

From there I had the opportunity to go to her home and meet her family the next summer. She was also part of my group again and our friendship continued. That summer she confided in me that she was moving to Tanzania and would be living with another family member. She was not looking forward to the move and I was nervous as well because I would not be able to continue sponsorship and staying connected would be very difficult. Ultimately, we ended up finding her a place at Tree of Life where she flourished over the next several years until she graduated from High school.

The following two summers I served on summer staff with Family Legacy and had the opportunity to spend a lot more time with Naomi during my time off. She continued to be a leader among her friends and served in church. She excelled in her studies and I am inspired and encouraged by her drive to continue her education.

From 2007-2018 I had the opportunity to invest in her life and education through sponsorship. I am now so humbled and grateful that others have seen the potential in this incredible girl and want to share in helping her achieve her goals!