Beverly Middleton

I first met Naomi in Zambia in January 2017. I spent much time at Ganny’s house, where Naomi lived. I got to know a few of the girls, including Naomi, during my stay. I was impressed with Naomi right away. She was one of four or five who were so welcoming, so wanting to have conversation and prayer with my sister and me. All had hard stories and painful pasts, but they worked hard to overcome, to learn, to achieve more than what they had known. In a country where only 5% graduate from high school, it takes perseverance, hard work, and financial support to be included in that 5%. Naomi is an overcomer, a good student, with much determination and perseverance. She is a young woman who can make a difference in her country, after her education here. I was blessed to see her again January 2019, and I look forward to seeing her state side.