Its been a long and wonderful journey , and it hasn’t quite been easy, but thanks to God and thanks to the wonderful people He has brought into my life , I have been able to pull through and to endure my first semester in Cavendish University. I have to say , I am deeply grateful for my donors who have supported me , loved me and cared for me , and gave me this opportunity to secure my future .

In my first days at Cavendish University, I secured a boarding house in Thornpark area of Lusaka , Zambia. At first I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect as a new student at the University. With the support from my American parents , and the donors who have been so thoughtful, I’ve been strengthened. Within the first week , I received a package through FedEx that included a laptop, clothes , shoes and other items that were very important for my day to day life. I was blessed with a kind roommate, and we shared and learned a lot from each other.

After 2 months, my father Daddy Herb, flew all the way from the United States to pay me a visit in Zambia. He made sure I was comfortable, safe, and everything was going great. He brought me more stuff, and I couldn’t be more excited for the clothes , shoes, the nursing equipment and uniform labelled with my name. I was so motivated and I enjoyed Dad’s company. It was my 21st birthday and so we went to the mall and we had lunch, I felt a lot of love, because it was my first time ever celebrating my birthday.

A few days later Dad helped me move to a new Boarding House which was closer to the Medical Campus, and few days later he returned to the USA. I am now familiar with the school system and I am now attending labs in Chemistry , Biology and Physics. I’m in my foundation programme and these subjects are vital for my nursing degree. I just got done with my CATs (Continuous Assessment Tests) and I am awaiting my results next semester.

Thanks so much for your love, care and your help. I can guarantee I will make everyone proud and I will surely make a good God loving nurse . May God continue to bless and look after all of you, my family. I couldn’t have done it without you all .

Love you!!! ? ❤