My mother’s dream was to become a business woman. Even though we had no money, she tried to start a business selling sweets and tomatoes. She became ill and died before she could see her dream fulfilled. Even though I was young, I could see her desire, and she passed the desire to be a business woman on to me. Since that time, I have worked hard in school and have learned the value of education. My dream is to earn a degree in Business and Finance, so that I can achieve my goals to become a business woman. My dreams and my mother’s dreams are becoming a reality.

God is truly doing wonderful things in my life. I have three families who love and care for me, and they are working hard to help me succeed. I want to thank them for allowing God to use them in my life. I call myself blessed!! It feels like a dream come true to have this opportunity to study in the United States. God has granted me the desires of my heart. I was accepted at Richland College in Dallas, Texas, USA. My sponsor during my school years through grade 12, Katie Leigh and Preston, have invited me into their home during my stay in the States, while I receive my Business Degree. I am so excited to see my mommy (Katie Leigh), whom I have not seen in eight years. I remember the last time we were together in Zambia and how hard it was to say goodby to her. I thought I would never see her again, though she kept supporting me in my education. God has His own plans and His own right time. I will be able to see her again everyday!!

I want to thank everyone who is supporting me, helping me to achieve my dreams. Our Heavenly Father will truly reward you all.